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Halley Hotel

Karahayıt Thermal Springs are in Denizli Karahayıt District. The temperature of the unique red colored healing thermal water and thermal mud coming from its main source in every season of the year is 58 ºC and according to the report given by the Aegean University hydroclimatology institute, it is a unique health source with its rich minerals.

Thanks to Red Water and Thermal Mud, many diseases and health problems can be cured in the touristic facilities (Hotels, Apart Hotels and Pensions) in Karahayıt.

Diseases treated with bath applications: In the rehabilitation and complementary treatment of orthopedic and neurological sequelae, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, lumbar-cervical hernia, arthritis, circulatory system diseases and sedation (mental relief), diseases requiring neurological rehabilitation, post-operative stiffness and stiffness relief. , gynecological diseases, stress and rehabilitation of all stress-related diseases, insomnia and fatigue, revitalization of cells in hair, nails and skin, skin and skin diseases, elimination of contractures that develop following the removal of plasters of fractures, elimination of muscle spasms, gout, neuralgia, neuritis, arthrosis, Treatment of colitis diseases.
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