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Kaklık Mağarası

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Kaklık Cave is located in Kaklık District of Honaz district, 30 kilometers from Denizli city center on the Denizli-Ankara highway. There is plenty of thermal water in the cave. This clear, colorless and sulfur-scented water is known to be good for some skin diseases. In addition, the swimming pool, small amphitheater, observation areas, cafeteria and pergolas built for the use of visitors near the cave have been put into service for tourism since May 2002. The surroundings of Kaklık Cave, which is an active cave located as a sinkhole-source or sinkhole; It consists of Mesozoic limestones, Eeocene marls, clays, sandstones and conglomerates, Miocene-Pliocene aged clays, sands, marls and limestones, and Quaternary travertines and alluviums.

A dense moss and small-leaved ivy type plants have developed on the walls of Kaklık Cave, which receive direct sunlight and are constantly dripping or flowing. These plants, which take on different shades of green during the day depending on the illumination, add a special beauty to the cave.
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