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Isikli Lake

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Işıklı Lake, located in the Çivril Plain to the south of Akdağ, on the springs feeding the Büyük Menderes River, existed as a natural lake until 1968. However, Işıklı Lake, which has been converted into a dam lake since this date, is now used for the irrigation of Çivril Plain. Işıklı Lake, whose depth is approximately 7 meters, is a freshwater lake.

Kufi, the source of Büyük Menderes and one of its northern branches, is known as the main water source of Işıklı Lake. The western, southern and eastern shores of the lake, which is fed by Işıklı Stream and groundwater, are surrounded by dikes. Kufi, the current main source of the lake, was diverted to the lake in the 1960s and today provides approximately 60% of the lake's water. Today, Işıklı Dam has been playing the role of a reservoir where water is stored for large-scale irrigation carried out in the surrounding plains for 40 years.
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